$ Closing Conversations: An End-of-Life Care Guide (BeADisciple.com)


Some of the most difficult questions a person will ever face may be centered around the end of life. Discussions of preferences and possibilities may seem to be filled with emotional landmines and possible hurt feelings. “Closing Conversations: An End-of-Life Care Guide” can help with answers to those thorny questions and smooth the process for […]


$ Advent: A Photography Journey (BeADisciple.com)


Course Dates: December 4 – 22, 2023 Photography is a visual avenue for your devotions during the seasons of Advent & Christmas. The camera offers a new way to see/experience these seasons of hope, peace and light. The images themselves can shed new light on our journey to Bethlehem and beyond. Val Isenhower, experienced teacher […]


$ Introduction to the Enneagram (BeADisciple.com)


Course Dates: January 8 – February 2, 2024 In a world full of personality assessments, the Enneagram stands apart for the ways that it not only describes our behavior (and the basis of that behavior) but for the ways it offers practices which can help us live more resourcefully. Join Kathy and Jim Reiter in […]