Online Resources

delicious logoThe Media Center uses Delicious, a social bookmarking website, to catalog online resources that may be of use to your ministry. All of these websites provide free resources, although they may also offer resources for purchase. Follow the tips below to learn how to use Delicious and access these resources. Please contact the Media Center if you have any questions or suggestions.

  • Visit us on Delicious by clicking here:
  • Browse the list of links and descriptions OR
  • Click on “Tags” to see all of our keyword tags and choose one that relates to your interest.
    • Looking for some ideas or curriculum resources for a small group?  Try clicking on “curriculum.”
    • Looking for online movies to show to your small group?  Try clicking on “drama.”
    • Looking for graphics to use in your print or web publications?  Try clicking on “graphics” or “images.”
    • Click on “Show all tags” to see them all. The larger the tag, the more links are associated with it.
  • You can also search all of our links by clicking on “Search” at the top left, entering your search term(s) and selecting “Search in my links” or choosing “My Links” at the top of the search results.