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$ Exploring the Landscape of Spiritual Formation (BeADisciple.com)

September 26 All day

A prevalent and compelling metaphor for the Christian spiritual life is that of a journey.  Invariably, questions arise about the nature of that journey, its ends, its means, its path—i.e., the “landscape” through which and in which that journey happens. 

Welcome to “Exploring the Landscape of Spiritual Formation” (formerly entitled, “Defining Spiritual Formation”)—an exploration of these considerations in the hopes of helping individuals to get a better understanding of the ancient yet contemporary process whereby individuals grow and mature in the Christian life. 

Distinct perspectives are behind each of four sessions. Together they offer a fuller understanding of the common but unique journeys home to God, true self, and true neighboring:
1) Isolating the obvious and positive elements spiritual formation.
2) Distinguishing spiritual formation as separate from kindred concepts with which it can be too easily confused. 
3) Describing crucial tensions or paradoxes that spiritual formation maintains and navigates.
4) Conveying some sense of the means and ends of spiritual formation in practice. 

The following video has been prepared to introduce you to course facilitator, Rev. Jim Reiter, and to give individuals a more personal orientation to the broad strokes of this course and desired outcomes: Defining SF, Intro Overview Video