Wiki 4.2 - Rights & Responsibilities

Use these three wiki pages as a way for the group to brainstorm together definitions of rights and responsibilities, as well as what the two have in common and how they differ.  If it helps, imagine all the course participants in a classroom brainstorming in front of three whiteboards: Define Rights, Define Responsibilities, and Similarities & Differences.  In a wiki, those three boards are called pages and you view each page one at a time.  To contribute to a page, select Edit along the top, type in your ideas and click save below the box.  To go to a different page, select Map along the top and pick the page you want to go to.  You'll start by viewing that page but can add to it by, again, clicking Edit.

Define Rights

Example: Things everyone's entitled to

Rights--part of the problem in defining rights is that natural rights (that is, rights as discussed by John Locke and Thomas Jefferson, for example) get mixed up with what I'll call cultural rights for most westerners. I agree with Locke and Jefferson that everyone has a right to life, liberty, respect, dignity, and the basic needs of humanity--food, shelter, community. In the US, we have decided that everyone has a right to an education. Beyond that, things get muddy. Right to vote? Right to a driver license? Right to employment? Often our stated rights and those outlined by the Bill of Rights are not held up by those in a position to enforce them.