Forum 7.2 - Identifying and Nurturing Gifts

Paul’s letter to the Corinthians affirms that, in the body of Christ, all of us are indispensable to the whole. How does your congregation discern and employ gifts of all members?  Is there a process to make sure that members of all ages and abilities have a chance to give and receive?  How does this include persons with disabilities and empowering them to share their gifts?  This is larger than the question of accessibility to facilities or providing modifications and accommodations.  How are we receiving their spiritual gifts to build up the body of Christ?  If we aren’t, what are missing out on?

Each student should write their own post to answer the questions above, as well as offering comments and questions to at least two other people's posts.  [10 points available, 5 for your post, 5 for two or more responses to others]

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