Forum 6.1 - Church Accessibility

If you were able to walk through your church and consider its accessibility, what were your reactions? How did your church do?  If you were unable to physically do the review of the property, take what you know about the current facilities and consider the following:

  •  What are biggest obstacles that your church faces to being more accessible?
  •  What would be the easiest issues to address?
  •  Write three possible goals for your church and at least one action item that might help get things moving in a conversation about improved accessibility.

Each student should write their own post to answer the questions above, as well as offering comments and questions to at least two other people's posts.  We probably all have work to do in our local churches; take this opportunity to help one another troubleshoot and dream ways to improve accessibility.   [10 points available, 5 for your post, 5 for two or more responses to others]

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