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For many persons with disabilities, environmental modifications, technology, and task adaptations play a significant role in enabling them to live full, satisfying lives.  Bishop Johnson introduces numerous suggestions for such accommodations to offer hospitality and to empower persons with disabilities in our churches and communities.  These might include large-print hymnals, assistive listening devices, sermons available in print form, video captioning, transportation, ADA raised-letter and Braille signage, and many more.

What is your church doing to offer accommodations for the full inclusion of persons with various disabilities?  When possible, please be specific.  What might you still need to do and hope to do?

Each student should write their own post to answer the questions above, as well as offering comments and questions to at least two other people's posts.  This is a great opportunity to learn from one another what has worked well and what might be valued by people in our church communities.  [10 points available, 5 for your post, 5 for two or more responses to others]

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