Forum 8.3 - Social Creeds

Having read through a few of the different creeds that United Methodists have used, consider the following questions?

1) Does the current creed cover all of the Social Principles?  Is anything missing?  Does it contain too much?

2) How does the current creed compare to the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed?  How does it compare to the World Methodist Social Affirmation (UMH 886)?

3) What do you think about the recommendation that the Social Creed be frequently used in Sunday worship?  How would you congregation respond if the Social Creed were used monthly or quarterly in your church?

4) How do you think the global church outside the United States would resonate with the issues named in the 1908 Social Creed and the current Social Creed? 

Choose one (or more) of the above questions and offer your thoughts in a post, then continue our conversation by offering at least two replies to other posts.

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