Forum 7.3 - Reflections on the World Community & the Millennium Development Goals

It might be helpful, in considering the World Community, to put these social principles into conversation with the Millennium Development Goals.  In 2000, at the Millennium Summit of the United Nations, the world community agreed to the following eight international development goals to be reached by 2015:

To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

To achieve universal primary education

To promote gender equality

To reduce child mortality

To improve maternal health

To combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases

To ensure environmental sustainability

To develop a global partnership for development

Much more information and detail can be found at

How do the Millennium Development Goals & the World Community section of the Social Principles align with the gospel of Jesus Christ?  Share your own thoughts about this comparison and any other reflections you wish by writing a post and then offering replies to at least two other posts.

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