Forum 4.4 - Responses to the Social Community

This is another massive section with many topics.  For shaping your response, considering addressing one group of topics:
A & B (Rights of Racial & Ethnic Person, Rights of Religious Minorities); C & D (Rights of Children, Rights of Young People); E - G (Right of the Aging, Rights of Women, Rights of Men); H & I (Rights of Immigrants, Rights of Persons with Disabilities); J & K (Equal Rights Regardless of Sexual Orientation, Population); L-O (Alcohol and Other Drugs, Tobacco, Medical Experimentation, Genetic Technology); P - R (Rural Life, Sustainable Agriculture, Urban - Suburban Life); S & T (Media Violence and Christian values, Information Communication Technology); U & V (Persons Living with HIV and AIDS, Right to Health Care); W & X (Organ Transplantation and Donation, Mental Health).

For the topic(s) you select, answer some of the following questions:

  • Which statement surprised you in a positive way?
  • Which statement surprised you in a negative way?
  • Which statement connects with the life of your church and your community?  How?
  • Which statement seems the most controversial to you and for the church today?  Why?

Please post at least one topic and offer replies to at least two other people's posts.  As a whole group, we may not address every topic, but that's okay.  There will be plenty of material for future conversations.

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