Forum 3.3 - Responses to the Nurturing Community

Since there are a large number of topics covered, it might be helpful to consider just one or two groups of topics:

A-C (Family, Marriage, Divorce); D & E (Single Persons, Women & Men); F & G (Human Sexuality, Family Violence & Abuse); H, I & O (Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault is wrong); J-L (Abortion, Ministry to Those Who Have Experienced an Abortion, Adoption); M & N (Faithful Care for Dying Persons, Suicide)

For each post, consider one group of topics (or an individual topic) and consider the following questions:

  • Do you agree or disagree?  Why do you take your stance?
  • How has the church changed its stance over time and why?
  • What do you imagine The United Methodist Church and its stance look like in fifty years?  A hundred years?

If you want to address a second topic or group of topics, feel free to create a second original post.  For full credit, you only need to create a single post and offer at least two replies to fellow participants' posts.  As we delve deeper into the Social Principles, please keep in mind our covenant and give careful consideration to how you address one another in love, even when you strongly disagree.

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Abortion 4 Brian Heymans
Human sexuality 5 Jeanne Murray