Introduction to Stewardship


Discipleship is a faith response governing our lives;
Stewardship is a life response governing our actions

Disciple: One whose personal acceptance of the gift of salvation offered by God in the sacrifice
of Jesus Christ is displayed through one’s life actions.

Discipleship reflects our personal transformation through salvation that results in an altered worldview, changing our perspective on how we interact with the world. It affects and directs our relationships with the world we encounter on a daily basis—our work, our family, our friends, our church, our community, and our own self.

Stewardship is a faith response that embodies the planning and management of our personal or communal resources, including responsibility to properly use and develop those resources. It imbues the fact that we are accountable to God for the acceptable care and use of all of our possessions. Our personal stewardship mirrors Jesus Christ’s accountability to God for all the Christians that have been entrusted to him.

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