Spiritual Gifts is a course recommended for all Lay Servants and a requirement for all persons desiring to become Lay Speakers. Two weeks in length with approximately 1 hour per day required.

Participants will:

  • Discover the nature of spiritual gifts through bible study and reflection
  • Relate spiritual gifts to the overall life of the church and to the means of grace
  • Discover one’s own spiritual gifts and examine their definitions
  • Develop a plan to implement the use of spiritual gifts as an element of leader development and deployment in the local church

Participants must be very comfortable with using a computer (email, using text dialog boxes, understanding and following links) to be successful in this course. Also, computer must have speakers for audio presentations. Class size limited to 15 persons. Course fee: $30.00 (payable through PayPal) plus text. Required text can be purchased through Cokesbury by clicking on this link. The course text is NOT included in the course fee.

The goals for this course are to provide the knowledge and skills to assist local churches in living its ministries in a Safe Sanctuaries® way. If your church has an existing policy, we will give you ideas on how to keep that policy vital and in front of the congregation. If your church does not have a Safe Sanctuaries® policy, we challenge you to lead the way in creating and adopting a policy as well as developing a plan of training church members in that policy.

The required text for the course is "Safe Sanctuaries: Reducing the Risk of Abuse in the Church for Children and Youth" by Joy Thornburg Melton. Please order it from Cokesbury as soon as you register for the course so it has time to be sent to you. Reading is required for successful course completion.

Participants can expect to spend approximately 1 hour per day completing course assignments. Daily activities do not require simultaneous participation. Rather, each learner can engage the activities at a time of day most convenient for them. The course includes videos so participants will need working speakers on their computer for viewing. Course fee is $30 in addition to the separate purchase of the text.