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Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries at North Raleigh UMC  is involved with persons who have been affected by crime. It reaches far beyond inmates who are incarcerated in prisons, jails or institutions. It reaches out to both the offender and the offended. It reaches out to all victims of crime including the children of the victim’s family as well as the offender.

Here are some North Raleigh church members who volunteer in this ministry.  Any one of them would be willing to tell you what their ministry experience has meant in the growth of their Christian walk .  I would like to tell you my story in a brief video if you would click here.

Please click on their name and send them your e-mail request for additional information.

Keith Dixon                   Inmate Reentry

Thomas Beam                Youth ministry Inside Prison

Mack Parker                  Yokefellow Ministry

Sue Pak                           Pen Pal Ministry

Jim Aspenwall                Yokefellow Ministry Inside Prison

Kelly Bailey                     Kairos

Rachael Bass                  Women Inside Prison

Susan Sorrells                Angle Tree Ministry Children of Incarcerated

At NRUMC, we actively support this ministry through the following activities:

  • Community Success Initiative

Contact person: Keith Dixon

WEB support page   Community Success Initiative

  • Yokefellow Prison Ministry of North Carolina

WEB support page Yokefellow Prison Ministry  of NC

  • Pen Pal Ministry

There is a great need for caring Christians to send occasional letters or cards of encouragement to   persons who have little to no communications with the world outside their prison walls.  There are an amazing number of incarcerated persons who never receive as birthday or Christmas/Easter card.  Think  how you might feel being cut off from all family and friends?  Total name and address anonymity is maintained by using our church address.   To learn more about this opportunity please send an e-mail to Sue Pak

  • Disciple Bible Outreach Ministry

WEB support page Disciple Bible Outreach Ministry of NC.

This ministry offers volunteers a weekly opportunity to witness as disciples by teaching/assisting the study of God’s love through Bible study within the North Carolina prison system as well as the Federal Prison system. This ministry is based on the Disciple Bible program Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study. and operates in over 60 prisons across the state. To learn more about this ministry please contact Pat Ford or the WEB site provided above.

  • Project Angel Tree

Project Angel Tree offers annual support to children of inmates in our local triangle area through Prison Fellowship. This charity involves providing Christmas gifts to children whose parents are incarcerated. The program can become an avenue to meeting their families as a result of relationships built from the gift delivery. To learn more about this ministry please contact   Susan Sorrells

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