Training Materials

Local Church Treasurer and Finance Training Resources

We’ve created this page in response to the increased interest in the information provided at our annual finance training events. We hope this will be a useful and convenient resource for you and your church staff. If you need information that we haven’t listed here, or have any suggestions concerning this page, please email our Help Desk with your feedback.

All downloads will be in Adobe pdf format, unless otherwise specified. If you don’t have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download it from their website for free.

Conference Treasurer’s Office Resources

The Role of the Church Treasurer and Financial Secretary

  • Administrative Committees – An excerpt from The Book of Discipline which discusses the role of the committee on finance in the local church.
  • Local Church Officers Job Descriptions – A link to the GBOD website that gives a wealth of information on the job descriptions for those positions required in all congregations, as well as those positions suggested for ministry organization.

Conference Apportionments

Church Remittances

  • Church Remittance Guidelines – Helpful tips for remitting your apportionment and advance special payments to the Treasurer’s Office, how to sign up to make electronic payments, where you can go to view your current remittance statement, and end of year close-out procedures.
  • Remittance Forms – A link to our downloads page where you can print remittance forms and EFT enrollment forms.

Local Church Audits

Clergy Special Issues

  • Accountable Reimbursement Policies Q&As – A question and answer document designed to assist churches in establishing and maintaining accountable reimbursement policies for their clergy and staff. This document also includes examples of proper and improper reimbursement items.
  • Housing Allowance Q&As – A question and answer document designed to assist churches in establishing housing allowance policies, along with a sample resolution, a sample notification by the church and an estimate worksheet.
  • Employee or Independent Contractor – A short publication from the IRS to help you determine whether your church workers should be classified as an employee or an independent contractor.
  • Pastor Discretionary Funds – Guidance from GCFA for the responsible handling of a pastor’s discretionary fund
  • All of these documents, and many more valuable resources can be found on GCFA’s website, and are listed on their Tax Packet page.
  • Don’t Take Logs Lightly – Article from about a tax case that shows why employees must closely track mileage.
  • Business Trip Documentation Guidelines – Guidance and examples for proper documentation of business trips and adequate preparation of trip reports.
  • Should You Prepare Your Own Tax Returns? – An article on Christianity Today’s website that discusses clergy tax returns and gives tips on hiring a tax preparer, and links to resources for those who want to file their own taxes.

Tax Requirements

  • Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations – A publication from the IRS that explains the benefits and responsibilities under the federal tax system for churches and religious organizations. It covers several important topics such as tax exempt status, unrelated business income, filing requirements and charitable contributions.
  • Record Retention Guide – A list of document types, and the length of time each type should be kept.
  • Group Ruling Tax Exemption – Information about the “Group Ruling” that is maintained by GCFA for the United Methodist Church.
  • Group Ruling Request Form – GCFA’s request form for inclusion in the group tax exemption ruling.

Clergy Pension

  • Visit our Pensions page for information about the Ministers’ Transition Fund and pension billing.
  • Pension Downloads – A link to our downloads page where you will find blank pension forms, instructions, EFT enrollment forms, and other helpful resources.

Local Church Income Reporting

Incorporating The Local Church

  • Incorporation Information – A link to GCFA’s legal manual for more information on the incorporation of the United Methodist Church, including sample articles and bylaws.

Property and Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Sales Tax Reimbursements

  • State Taxation and NonProfit Organizations – Information from the NC Department of Revenue concerning state taxation and how the laws apply to nonprofit organizations.
  • Form SS-4 Instructions – Instructions for the Application for Employer Identification Number (EIN) on IRS website.
  • Form SS-4 – Application for Employer Identification Number (EIN) on IRS website.
  • Employer ID Number Information – Information on the IRS website about the EIN, including how to determine if you need one and how to apply for one.

Local Church Accounting System Selection

United Methodist Foundation Investments

  • For more information about the United Methodist Foundation and investment opportunities, please visit their web page at
  • Form SS-4 Instructions – Instructions for the Application for Employer Identification Number (EIN) on IRS website.