Enrollment Now Open for NC Conference Walking Program

Enrollment for The Amazing Pace, an internet-based, pedometer walking program, is now open.  For further details, see the Insurance Page.

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  • Bob Autry

    I understand we need to get clergy in shape; but Members and Non-members of the NCC of the UM Churches also need courses or opportunities on Health and Wellness, as well. Here in NC we have many trails and greenways, parks, etc. We as one body of Christ, need to understad the importance of Fitness, Healthly Eating, Food Disorders, and the Stewardship of our Body and Planet, etc. Going “green”, involves many, many aspects of our daily lives… Bible Studies or “Fitness Groups” need to be form in each of our churches, to education the people of the UMC.

    • Timm Hackett

      Why would the conference select a program that only works on Windows? This seems to be a good program, but the Conference should consider pastors who use Macs in the churches.

      • Jennifer

        Thank you for your comment. Our Benefits team has contacted Amazing Pace for a work-around for this issue, and will update their communications when they have an answer.

      • jcafferty

        The Wellness Committee chose the system that seemed to provide the most flexible system for the most people with the goal of supporting the conference with as wide an impact as possible. The Amazing Pace program staff are working on making the system open to MAC users but, as you know, that is not ready yet. The staff have implemented a way for MAC users to still participate. You should contact the staff at support@lifebux.com or 1-888-852-8862 for more details. You can still receive a pedometer and be contacted once a week for the data to be entered for you. You can still participate and reap the benefits of this intentional wellness effort! We hope that you will join us! This alternative has been offered to MAC users in other conferences who use the Amazing Pace program and it meets the need and gets those users on the team. Thanks for your question!

  • Carol Goehring

    Bob, thanks for your concern for all members of the Body of Christ as stewards of life and health. The Conference offers a number of program and resources options for the local church and district, and most of these can be found on the Conference website. Look for Parish Nurse Aly Breisch, a Duke Endowment Funded consultant in health and wellness. She provides programs that are creative, fun and biblically based to engage body and soul in fitness. Caring for Creation is an event at Lake Junaluska that is open to anyone. Stewardship of the earth and our role in the planet care, will be explored. Interfaith Power and Light offers energy audits that can help local churches save energy and costs. Please call the Conference office if you need more information.