2011 Resolutions

This is a reminder that Resolutions are due May 13, 2012.  This will allow the Resolutions to be reviewed by the Resolutions Committee prior to Annual Conference.  Please send all Resolutions to smedlin@nccumc.org in Microsoft Word format.  According to the Conference Rules, only one per person or agency is allowed.

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  • JoAnn Barbour

    Does the April 15th deadline date for resolutions apply to agencies of the conference also? Somewhere I received the information that the deadline date for conference agencies was later–like May 1?

    Thank you,
    JoAnn Barbour
    Social Action Coordinator UMW NCC

  • Ken Ripley

    As the rules have been interpreted in the past, and as I read them now, the limit of one resolution per person applies to individuals, not to conference agencies, which do not have a limit, such as Board of Church and Society. And if the rules say at least 30 days, why make April 15 so restrictive? It’s hard enough to craft a resolution on the current political/social situation to make it timely without shortening the time for submission so early. With our modern technology, resolutions can be submitted, reviewed, and posted via email fairly quickly.

    • Jerry Bryan

      JoAnn, thanks for your comment. We need time for the Resolutions to be presented, and then have them reviewed by the Resolutions and Reference Committee, for presentation online and at AC. This takes some time, and thus we need the time factors noted. Their preparation and review and posting require several weeks. The Resolutions Committee work is only one of many areas we have to prepare for AC, and the time factor allows us to do our work, without rushing.