No Set-Aside Bishop

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After a day of non-legislative activities, delegates to the United Methodist General Conference returned to the Tampa Convention Center April 30 to begin five days of processing some of the 1,200 petitions that wove their way through legislative committees.

A proposal to add a paragraph to the Constitution that would enable the Council of Bishops to elect a full-time president without residential responsibilities did not receive the necessary two-thirds majority (490 in favor, 399 opposed).

Delegates voted down a call for a four-year study on the matter, and they voted against a plan whereby General Conference would elect the set-aside bishop before voting on the proposal recommended by the Superintendency Legislative Committee.

UMNS asked Bishop Larry Goodpaster if the council had any backup plan. “We’ve been functioning like this since 1968,” Goodpaster said. “We will continue in the same manner.”

By Rich Peck

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