Keep Up With 2011 Annual Conference

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Staying Connected with the 2011 Session of the North Carolina Annual Conference is easy if you know where to look and make use of social networking tools.

Conference Web Site

Basic information about this year’s session can be found online here. We will also be streaming most of the annual conference live on our web site on this page. Current plans are to have some of the events available for on-demand streaming after Annual Conference.

Video & DVDs

A video archive of some events at Annual Conference can be found in the Video Room.


You can follow us on Twitter (@nccumc) with the hashtag #nccumc. There are a number of excellent tools to assist you in following a hashtag topic. One of the better ones is twitterfall. If you go to twitterfall, look down the left-side column for the search box and enter #nccumc and click on the Add button. You will then begin to see the postings as they are made.


The events of Annual Conference will be blogged about at Blog postings will be made about the various speakers and business items of the Annual Conference. There will also be a dedicated Live-Blog post (Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4) so you can follow the events as they happen. You can also review the postings made during last year’s session in Greenville.


Another way to keep informed of the events during this week’s session is to check our Facebook page. You can click on the Like button and get notifications on your wall and/or by email and SMS (depending on your settings).


Saddlebags is the NC Anuual Conference newsletter. Find out what happened at Annual Conference each day.

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  • Scott

    Is there any way to post the election results online? Possibly as a downloadable file.

    • Derek Leek

      The election results have now been posted on the AC info page.

  • Tom Faggart

    Please publish an up to hour results of the elections. Should be a simple task. Shalom.

    • Elwood Morris

      Is this the Tom Faggart I know?

  • Derek Leek

    Hey Scott and Tom, we don’t have them uploaded yet, but we do mention them in the Live Blog posts as they are happening. You can follow those online from the links above. We will add the results as a download at a later time.

  • Edna Reynolds

    I’d like to have a copy of the Statistician’s Report. I thought it was supposed to be available on the NCCUMC website, but haven’t been able to find it.

    • Derek Leek

      Hey Edna, the report has been posted on the AC info page. You will find it below the Conference Workbook.

  • dave

    When will the new appointments be posted online?

    • Derek Leek

      Hey Dave, the appointments will not be posted until the Bishop has announced them on Saturday.

      • Gayla Collins

        I cannot seem to find the appointments 2011-2012 on the web site. Where do I look?

        • Derek Leek

          Hey Gayla, they have been posted on the AC info page.

  • Darren Hickerson

    Where, and when will video or audio of sessions be available? How much of the conference will be available? Can certain sessions be requested? (There was very little of last year’s posted).

    • Derek Leek

      Archived video can always be found in the Video Room. Several sessions have already been added. You can order DVDs using the order form that will be posted on this page.

      • ron scott

        will there be a video of the Friday evening performance by the Wilmington youth??

  • Darren Hickerson

    Specifically, it would be great if the lay and clergy executive sessions could be posted or made available.

    • Derek Leek

      Sorry, Executive Sessions are not recorded.

  • Methodist2000

    What was the outcome on reducing Districts? Anyone?

    • Derek Leek

      You can see a post on the results on the AC Blog or view the updates as they happen on the Live Blog post.

  • Belton Joyner

    Because of a family situation, I had to leave annual conference early. Now, even though out of state, I am still keeping up with things. Although I am not ready to call for a virtual annual conference, this access is one I like!

    • Taylor Mills

      From all the Communication staff and volunteers, we are glad that you are accessing Conference like this. It hardly feels like you left. :)

  • John Crowe

    Now that we have had the experience of electronic voting, I would like to see the rules committee to create a by-law that from here on, we will vote by this method instead of randomly. If I could get a second, I would speak to it. :)

  • Tom Steele

    when will the new appointments be announced and where on the website can we find them once the announcement is made?

  • Sheila Mitchiner

    We had to leave the conference prior to the Bishop’s State of the Church Address. Will the address appear in the video room?


    • Derek Leek

      Hey Sheila, the Bishop did not give a State of the Church Address this Annual Conference. We had some schedule changes and he had to cut it out.

      • matt

        will his manuscript be posted at all like in previous years even though he did not give it

      • David Bass

        I was disappointed that he had to leave out the address. Would he consider posting the text online?

  • Sheila Mitchiner

    Just read in the Saddlebag that the address was not delivered due to extended voting. Sorry. S

  • John Crowe

    I think we have a good idea what the state of the church is in the NC Conference from the various reports this week, etc.

  • Grace Hackney

    Will there be a printed copy of Dr. Tennet’s ordination sermon available?