February 23, 2010

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Council of Bishops’ release pastoral letter on creation crisis
“God’s creation is in crisis and we cannot remain silent while God’s people and God’s planet suffer,” the Bishops of The United Methodist Church have said in a pastoral letter called “God’s Renewal Creation: A Call to Hope and Action.” A “Foundation Document” was also issued with the Pastoral Letter. The Bishops are suggesting that the “Pastoral Letter” or the “Pastoral in Liturgical Setting” could be read during a service of worship or a large gathering.  Another suggestion is to use the six-session study guides prepared for group leaders of adults and young people and for three sessions for teachers of children. Possibly using these studies during Lent would be appropriate but another time would also be appropriate. The study guides are available from Cokesbury. The “Pastoral Letter,” “Pastoral Letter in Liturgical Setting,” and “Foundation Document” can be downloaded in English, Spanish and Korean from http://nccumc.org/bishop/g-r-c/.

Conference seeking representative to World Methodist Evangelism Institute seminar
The World Methodist Evangelism Institute is sponsoring the Brazil Regional Evangelism Seminar Aug. 17-24 in San Paulo, Brazil. Each conference has been invited to nominate a lay or clergy leader who has a commitment to missions and cross-cultural faith experiences. To see a copy of the informational flyer, go to www.wmei.ws. Notify Becky Biegger at: beckybiegger@nccumc.org if you are interested in attending.

U2charist events to support DBOM
The band, U2FX, is providing U2charist, a traditional communion service featuring the music of the band U2, in support of Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries. According to DBOM, the service, which features live music, “centers on these themes: desire for God, God’s love for the poor, and God’s call for justice for the exploited and oppressed. The music, prayers, and liturgy are bursting with the message of global reconciliation-with the truth that we are to be Christians without borders, called, in the name of love, to be neighbors to all and friends to the least of these.”  The first event is Saturday, March 27, 5 p.m., Edenton St. UMC, Raleigh. Local churches across North Carolina are invited to hold a U2charist. For more information contact Annick Young at: annickd@nc.rr.com or visit www.U2FX.org.

Fund accepting applications
The United Methodist Foundation, Inc. has announced that “The One Who Is Loved Fund” is again accepting applications from all churches in the NC  Conference. “The One Who Is Loved Fund” is a permanent endowment with the United Methodist Foundation which makes possible special love gifts (not to exceed $1000 per child per year) to children under the age of 18 who have special needs such as specialized medical equipment, supplies or medication, transportation to hospitals or treatment centers or other special needs.  All pastors are invited to submit letters of application for children in need by March 31, to United Methodist Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 10955, Raleigh NC 27605 or via e-mail to Kim Smith, kmsmith@nccumc.org. Contributions to the fund can also be sent to this address.
Include in the letter of application a short description of the child’s need and the age of the child. Requests will be reviewed and a committee will select the recipients to receive assistance. Contributions from others are invited and encouraged to enable this Fund to serve the needs of more children.

Camp Sunday is February 28
Remember that Sunday, Feb. 28 is Camp Sunday. Make plans to celebrate by having a camper, staff member or someone who has experienced camp speak to the congregation for 1-2 minutes during the worship services. Bulletin inserts can be found on the camping ministries website www.ncumcamps.org.  If churches want a representative from one of the camps to speak to the congregation, email Dail Ballard at: dail@ncumcamps.org

NC Historical Society and Commission on Archives & History to meet
The spring meeting of the NC Historical Society and the Commission on Archives and History is scheduled for Saturday, April 10 from10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Pleasant Green UMC in Durham. Church historians and interested persons are invited to attend. Lunch will be served. Please call Robin Harry at 800-849-4433/919-832-9560, ext. 252; or email at: rharry@nccumc.org to reserve a spot for lunch.

One Great Hour of Sharing is March 14
One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS), a United Methodist Special Sunday, is March 14. This Special Sunday offering enables the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) to respond to disasters around the world by covering its operational and administrative costs. Unlike other mission programs, UMCOR receives no World Service or other apportionment money. By giving to One Great Hour of Sharing, you enable UMCOR to keep the promise that 100% of designated gifts go to specified causes. For downloadable materials and more information on One Great Hour of Sharing, go to One Great Hour of Sharing.

MERCI Center in need of team leaders for Saturday, February 27
Team leaders need to arrive at 8 a.m. at the MERCI Center in Goldsboro to help facilitate the various teams who will be sorting and packing relief items for Haiti. Please contact MERCI if you can be available to help in this way. Call Ann Huffman at (888) 440-9167 or (919) 222-3549.

MERCI Center in Need of Packing Boxes
MERCI has reached the bottom of the stack of usable cardboard packing boxes to transport materials. If you have source for low-cost quality boxes between 1 ½ cubic feet and 4 cubic feet, please contact Ann Huffman at (888) 440-9167 or (919) 222-3549. Please forward or announce this request to church members, as they may know of sources for packaging boxes.

Robeson County Church and Community Center invites Mission Work Teams 
The Church and Community Center, serving the one of the most impoverished counties in North Carolina, has openings for summer and spring-break mission work teams. The Church and Community Center is also a general advance of the UMC. Please call Jim Kennedy at 910-738-5204 for mission work team placement. Please continue to support this ministry and if possible, make a gift now. Please mail your check directly to the Church and Community Center at: Robeson County Church and Community Center, 600 West 5th Street, Lumberton, NC 28358 or you can make a donation through your local church offering. Please note on the check: Robeson County Church and Community Center – Advance #791742. For more information please contact 910-738-5204 or email: rccccdir@ncrrbiz.com

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