Connections: Shrove Tuesday

Bishop Ward’s video about Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday is above. Read the transcript below.

“Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, the day before Lent begins. Many places in our world are experiencing a huge party at this very moment, on the eve of Lent. It was, in the history of the church, a time for people to use up the lard and the butter and the fat and the good things that were in the cupboard, in preparation for the long Lenten fast.

On this eve of Lent, we give thanks for the feast of God’s love. Tomorrow, we will begin a long journey toward the cross. This day, the eve of Lent, is a gift to us. We remember that all we have and all we are, are God’s.

Tomorrow, we will receive ashes upon our foreheads. We will remember that we are dust. We came from dust; God breathes into us the breath of life, and in time, we will return to dust and our souls will be received by God in heaven.

As we move through this Lenten journey together, may we learn and grow and serve, knowing the God who created us, and who loves us always. You’re in my prayers as you begin your Lenten journey tomorrow. May it be a time of renewal and love and finally, life, as Easter dawns.”

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  • Hope Morgan Ward

    Oh how we are blessed by this shrove Tuesday message as we anticipate a Lenten Season of Renewal and New Beginnings