Connections: Mission To Children

Bishop Ward reminds us of our mission to children in our neighborhoods and communities in this Connections video.

Joy to the world, the Lord has come, and yet, the stories of Christmas take us quickly to a reminder of the ways in which our world is slow indeed to embrace the coming Christ child.

The stories in Matthew remind us of the flight into Egypt, of the necessity of Joseph, warned by a dream to take Mary and Joseph away from the wrath of Herod, who sought to put an end to this child’s life. Rachel weeping is the image even in the midst of this holy season.

As we have celebrated the birth of Christ in our churches and in our homes and in our communities, it’s appropriate in this short season of Christmas, 12 days, to remember our mission to children in our world. Children in NC are in particular need, even as we celebrate this holy season. Child poverty has grown in NC in the last 8 years by 6%, a very daunting figure.

And so, as we celebrate the grace and fullness of God’s gift to us this Christmas, let us pause and recommit our lives to living with the children closest to us in our communities, in our neighborhoods, and as the new year comes, may we make this next year a one that is good and rich and full for the children of NC.

Rachel weeps, this day, in the scripture as Jesus is carried to Egypt to be protected. May the weeping of the Rachels in our own time be heard, even as we receive Christ into our hearts. May we be faithful, joyful, and vigilant in this holy season.

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  • Robert

    What inspiring thoughts. Thank You … My Bishop. Happy New Year!