Connections: Advent 2013 – Week 1 & #GivingTuesday

Bishop Ward and Edgar DeJesus discuss #GivingTuesday and the Philippines in this Connections video.

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Bishop: Come; let us walk in the light of the Lord. This is the lovely invitation as we enter into Advent. Today, Dec. 3rd is United Methodist #GivingTuesday, an opportunity to give through the Advance, for healing and help around the world. Edgar DeJesus embodies for us, the connection of United Methodist people, as he speaks to us about the disaster in his homeland.

Edgar: Thank you Bishop. I want to give thanks to God and thank everyone for all the many prayers and support that were extended so far for my homeland, the Philippines. I came in here wearing my T-shirt from the Philippines as a sign of my hope and solidarity, with my people.

Where that super typhoon hit our nation on Nov. 8, more than 4,000 perished and 11.5 million were currently displaced. I want to thank God for all the many ways on how God is using each one of you, to give your love, your compassion, and your support for the Filipino people.

Bishop: Stop Hunger Now is immediately involved. Can you tell us about that?

Edgar: Yes, my understanding is that Stop Hunger Now is on the ground right now in Tacloban City, which is one of the cities in the Philippines, most devastated, and they brought more than one million meals and 1,100 water filters that were able to help the Filipino people survive and be able to recover.

Bishop: Edgar is inviting his entire community, along with his congregation, into generosity. Tell us about the project at your school.

Edgar: Richlands Elementary school is one of our partner schools in the church that I’m serving right now, Bishop, and they have this little pin that they have put up and they’re trying to sell this to all the families and students so that they can raise money to be able to help the Philippines.

Bishop: This same elementary school raised $1,000 for Haiti relief after the earthquake, and are now engaged in great generosity.

On this day, United Methodist #GivingTuesday, go online and give a gift through United Methodist Committee on Relief to the Philippines, through Stop Hunger Now for the work they are now doing in the Philippines, or to any other mission of our church that speaks to your heart.

Thank you for your generosity, as together, we walk in the light of the Lord, this Advent.

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  • Jim Green

    Thank you so much for the incredible gifts given on Giving Tuesday through the Advance site! At Stop Hunger Now, we are committed to making sure that each and everyone of you has the ability to directly impact the lives of victims of this terrible disaster in the Philippines. We deeply appreciate your incredible generosity!
    Jim Green
    Chief Development Officer
    Stop Hunger Now